01. I think this plan will work much better if we [alter] it slightly.
02. I had some [alterations] done on my pants at the store where I bought them.
03. The [alterations] to the motor suggested by the engineer have reduced fuel consumption considerably.
04. We haven't [altered] our plans despite the poor weather.
05. Let us know if you [alter] your plans.
06. I bought some new pants at Eaton's, and they're going to do the [alterations] for free.
07. The politician was forced to [alter] his policy somewhat, due to public pressure.
08. Leo Gomes once said that while modern technology has given people powerful new communication tools, it apparently can do nothing to [alter] the fact that many people have nothing useful to say.
09. If our sun's energy output varies beyond a certain point, it will [alter] the Earth's climate.
10. Ehricke Krafft once observed that we have no rational [alternative] but to expand the environmental and resource base beyond Earth.
11. She was able to wear her mother's wedding dress when she got married after making a few simple [alterations].
12. The world of work was radically [altered] by the Industrial Revolution.
13. Declining fertility has major consequences for the wider society, such as significantly [altering] the age structure.
14. The whole pattern of the world's population was [altered] by the African slave trade.
15. Freedom from slavery did not dramatically [alter] the lives of the thousands of African-Jamaicans, most of whom remained poor peasants.
16. Even the communists were unable to [alter] the beliefs of the mountain people of Albania.
17. Charles Yesalis has claimed that geneticists around the world now believe there could be genetically-[altered] athletes as soon as the 2004 Summer Games.
18. Even the tiniest error in our calculations could [alter] our flight plan, and cause us to miss our landing target on the Dark Planet.
19. The great country house at Knole has remained basically [unaltered] since 1603.
20. The chemical balance of the brain which controls awareness can be radically [altered] by the introduction of external agents.
21. The contract has already been signed and the conditions are [unalterable].
22. The facts of the incident are [unalterable]. You did it and now you are going to have to face the consequences.
23. The police are investigating the apparent [alteration] of some bank documents.
24. He was charged by police after [altering] his business records to make it look like he was making less money than he really was.
25. These are facts, and as such, they are simply not [alterable].
26. Garbage which is dumped into streams and rivers often accumulates on beaches, where it [alters] the environment of the oceans.
27. Our ability to change and [alter] this planet's natural environment is largely limited to surface processes.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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